Saturday, January 31, 2009

Found collectors item

For people who are looking for this collectors item:

Description:: Picasso Gaglione and J. Held Jr. where editors; illustrated thru out with b&w rubber stamp images; attached to front cover is a rubber stamp titled " Fake Picabia Bros. and images of Picasso Gaglione and John Held; plastic black spiral spine; xiv, 58pp; size: 9 x 11-1/4in; "This is a special rubber stamp edition of the FAKE PICABIA Bros. tour of Europe from 1 to 11 May 1995"; text by John Held jr.; contributors: Sophie Nagiscarde, Sanja Radivovic, Michel Hosszu, Daniel Daligand, Guy Bleus, Rod Summers, and Ruud Janssen; in EXCELLENT COND.
L'Art Tampon. a Rubber Stamp Performance (illustrated Periodical with an origianl rubber stamp multiple )GAGLIONE, Picasso / John Held Jr.
I found out that someone is selling a copy for 35 Euro's :
I have my own signed copy received from Bill (Picasso) Gaglione himself.

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