Monday, January 12, 2009

IUOMA-Member list January 2009

B&W and Colour-Version of the IUOMA Member list. This book contains an overview of all members that joined the platform from November 13th 2008 till January 12th 2009. The IUOMA is now 20 years old. On this electronic platform the old and new IUOMA-members have joined in again. Each member created his/her own page with its own look. A screen capture of each member is included.


Two versions of the IUOMA member list are published. A colour-version and a B&W version. The download-version is available for free for all IUOMA-members. A printed version costs money but supports the IUOMA. The money will be used to donated these books to archives and museums. A future publication with historic and new material (both visual and text) are being planned and will be available later in 2009.

Details at : for both books. Download for FREE.


B&W version: for € 19,98 (256 pages)

Colour-version: for € 49,98 (256 pages)

This overview of IUOMA-members has been made on January 12th 2009. As a first celebration of the 20-years that the IUOMA is alive a screen capture has been made of every member of the online Platform located at:

A book with texts and visuals connected to the 20 years on IUOMA is in preparation and will follow later this year. If you would like to send in a text or visual, just let me know.

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