Friday, October 22, 2004

Catalog published as PDF-file

Yesterday was the opening of the exhibition of stampsheets that were sent in to the TAM-Rubber Stamp Archive. The network had to send the sheets straight to Moscow, where they are now hanging in the famous L-Gallery in downtown Moscow, Russia.

A poster is been published and is sent to all address I could trace down. A digital version is available at Also you will find a link there to the digital file of the catalog made for this exhibition. It is now published in PDF-format and has a size of 3,8 Mbyte. So if you have a speed-access to the Internet, you can have a preview of this catalog.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Are you a digital Voyeur?

Did you only come to this page to see if you can read anything interesting without the writer knowing that you read this? Leave a comment. I dare you....


Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hardcopy of Digitalcopy

For lots of years now I have been preparing hardcopy magazines. For mail-art, Fluxus, but also for educational material. Last years all is changing into the digital publishing. Lots of possibilities: The WWW is a nice place, sending out e-mails with attachments (remember the first Ezine by Crackerjack Kid en Pele Mele from Guy Bleus), and the newest publications of mail-artists: maintain your own BLOG.

But where will it lead to? Most mail-srtists started out with the free possibilities that the Internet offers. But advertising through the art isn't that comfortable. So buying your own domain, and learning the electronic skills to maintain a site are needed. The young generation (like my students) learn this at an early age already.

But who is interested in all these electronic publications? How do people access these publications. By chance of a search-engine you could find some very interesting facts, but might miss even more interesting sources. Actually you are missing out on all that isn't electronic yet....


Monday, October 11, 2004

Visuals at the IUOMA Blog

As a kind of change I have been adding lots of visuals at the list. besides the e-mails with visuals I got in, also some scans from normal mailing that I got today. A lot of information, and I am currious to know how the visitors digest this. Are people interested in getting a completer view of what my life is all about. Well, the word "all" is a bit confusing of course. Some things I do not write in this blog. I know this is a public medium, and some thought still are quite private.


Saturday, October 02, 2004

TWO blogs are confusing

Yes, I do realize that two blogs is confusing. The IUOMA-one is there for all, and I point to this blog on the other sites. This blog is just to keep track of all the publications I am working on.

The newest publication that will come out soon is the catalogue for the exhibition of the TAM-Rubberstamp Archive at the L-Gallery in downtown Moscow. The concept is ready, and just some small things have to be arranged and then it will be printed.

This new catalogue will be available in digital format too. As a .PDF file it is about 3,5 Mbyte large.....


Friday, October 01, 2004

TAM Publications

Yes, the start of another BLOG. This one I will use to publish certain things, while on I will publish mostly texts that deal with my everyday life in mail-art and related stuff.....