Saturday, October 02, 2004

TWO blogs are confusing

Yes, I do realize that two blogs is confusing. The IUOMA-one is there for all, and I point to this blog on the other sites. This blog is just to keep track of all the publications I am working on.

The newest publication that will come out soon is the catalogue for the exhibition of the TAM-Rubberstamp Archive at the L-Gallery in downtown Moscow. The concept is ready, and just some small things have to be arranged and then it will be printed.

This new catalogue will be available in digital format too. As a .PDF file it is about 3,5 Mbyte large.....



Syl said...

Ruud, apparently in Moscow one can finally make, show art without fear of retribution. Have you found that to be true? Not that it didn't show up before, but certainly with fear of recrimination. Good luck with all your work there!

michael said...

Ah! It's Ruud "Two Blogs" Jannsen!
Good idea to get another blog Ruud. one is never enough I find!