Friday, October 22, 2004

Catalog published as PDF-file

Yesterday was the opening of the exhibition of stampsheets that were sent in to the TAM-Rubber Stamp Archive. The network had to send the sheets straight to Moscow, where they are now hanging in the famous L-Gallery in downtown Moscow, Russia.

A poster is been published and is sent to all address I could trace down. A digital version is available at Also you will find a link there to the digital file of the catalog made for this exhibition. It is now published in PDF-format and has a size of 3,8 Mbyte. So if you have a speed-access to the Internet, you can have a preview of this catalog.


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Blogger DrFluxbuxenstein said...

Hey Ruud! Thanks for the heads up about your catalog. Since I do not have a speedy connection I'll be waiting for the hard copy to arrive. I'm looking forward to it!!!

11:52 AM  
Blogger cemenTIMental said...

Downloading the catalog now,...
Hope the exhibition went well. Would be amazing to see I'm sure!!!

2:40 AM  

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