Friday, October 22, 2004

Catalog published as PDF-file

Yesterday was the opening of the exhibition of stampsheets that were sent in to the TAM-Rubber Stamp Archive. The network had to send the sheets straight to Moscow, where they are now hanging in the famous L-Gallery in downtown Moscow, Russia.

A poster is been published and is sent to all address I could trace down. A digital version is available at Also you will find a link there to the digital file of the catalog made for this exhibition. It is now published in PDF-format and has a size of 3,8 Mbyte. So if you have a speed-access to the Internet, you can have a preview of this catalog.



DrFluxbuxenstein said...

Hey Ruud! Thanks for the heads up about your catalog. Since I do not have a speedy connection I'll be waiting for the hard copy to arrive. I'm looking forward to it!!!

cemenTIMental said...

Downloading the catalog now,...
Hope the exhibition went well. Would be amazing to see I'm sure!!!