Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hardcopy of Digitalcopy

For lots of years now I have been preparing hardcopy magazines. For mail-art, Fluxus, but also for educational material. Last years all is changing into the digital publishing. Lots of possibilities: The WWW is a nice place, sending out e-mails with attachments (remember the first Ezine by Crackerjack Kid en Pele Mele from Guy Bleus), and the newest publications of mail-artists: maintain your own BLOG.

But where will it lead to? Most mail-srtists started out with the free possibilities that the Internet offers. But advertising through the art isn't that comfortable. So buying your own domain, and learning the electronic skills to maintain a site are needed. The young generation (like my students) learn this at an early age already.

But who is interested in all these electronic publications? How do people access these publications. By chance of a search-engine you could find some very interesting facts, but might miss even more interesting sources. Actually you are missing out on all that isn't electronic yet....


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